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Coaching Plus offers the following services:

  • Corporate coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • On-line psicosomatic evaluations

How do you know you are with a real COACH?

Common questions and steps to follow to assure yourself the authenticity of a real Coach.

Ask him to show you;

  • Coach Certificate.
  • Recommendation Letters of other patients or clients.
  • Who certifies?
  • What is his Coaching level?
  • Preview Experience?
  • Years of Experience?
  • Experience as a life coach, corporate coach, and organizational coach? 
  • If he belongs to any national o international coaching association?

With all this information, you will be able if the Coach has enough formation,  experience,  and knowledge to work with you. 

Associated Coaches:

Alberto Calderón Danel
Mario Arreola Santander
Gerardo Gutiérrez
Patricia Serdán
Roger Antonini.
Juan Carlos Merino
Juan Carlos García prado
José Manuel del Rio
Bertha Solares
María Ángel
María del Pilar Galván.

Strategic alliances with associated companies:

Acctua s.c. (Qualification)
Del Rio Training (Qualification)
Saile de México s.a. (Head hunting)
More Global. (Coaching School)
Grupo ITEM (On-Line Evaluation)
Success Insights México (On-line Evaluation)
Mierideas s.c. (Qualification).
Proxy Gobernanza Corporativa (Corporate Government)

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